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Sample steroid cycles

Sample steroid cycles for bodybuilders and beginners to the world of anabolic steroids. In the world of steroids a cycle is not some form of two wheeled transport, it is infact a term commonly used to describe the period of time an individual is ‘on' steroids for. The average length of a cycle is typically between 6-12weeks in length.

Many steroid cycles involve combining two or more drugs together, usually one being a potent androgen. Other drugs which act through more anabolic pathways can then be added as well. This combination is commonly known as a ‘Stack'.

The most common stack is probably the stacking of an oral such as Dianabol with an injectable such as Testosterone. Such stacks can lead up to massive gains in mass and strength because the two steroids are working together. Below are some sample steroid cycles.

Because of the toxicity of oral steroids they are often used in the beginning of a cycle for the first 4 weeks. In this time the user will see mostly the benefits from the fast acting oral and then after weeks 3-4 the injectable should be taking effect.

Because injectables typically take longer to ‘kick in' some advanced users often ‘front load' for the first 2 weeks of an injectable only cycle. Front loading is the term used when you inject more steroids at the start of the cycle to sort of flood your system with them, and start seeing the benefits sooner.

sample steroid cycles
Weeks 1-2 1000mg Test injected weekly split in 4 doses of 250mg
Weeks 3-10 500mg Test injected weekly

This method works well for depot only cycles and can produce some good results, it is preferred by many to use an oral steroid for the first few weeks in most cases as they work well with the injectables.

What to expect from your first cycle The main question from the newbie is what am I going to gain from my first cycle? I can tell you now you are not going to go from a bean pole into the hulk in that short time. There is some expectation from uneducated bodybuilders that steroids will provide some sort of miracle gains from them. Truth is, they won't. This maybe a wake up call to some disillusioned readers looked in their bedrooms with their ‘flex' magazine dreaming up ways to be big with the hard work involved.

If you are under 21 years of age, been training less then 3 years and have not reached your natural size limits then you shouldn't even be considering taken any form of anabolic steroid. In reality more and more people are taking them, I have heard of teens as young as 16 using steroids and to be honest it's a waste. The teenage years are the best for taking advantage of your bodies own testosterone stores and making use of them to gain naturally. Ill shut up now and stick to the topic.
Typically providing all the systems which could effect your cycle re in place you should gain around 15-20lbs from your first cycle (depending on what steroids used).

You are going to have an over all sense of well being whilst on a cycle particularly if you used dianabol which seems to promote this feeling further. You will be able to recover from your workouts quicker and will rarely feel soreness in the muscles the next day.

When working out due to the increase in blood production you will experience an amazing ‘pump' in your muscles. I remember my first cycle about a week into it I was training and doing cable rows. Afterwards my forearms felt so pumped I could hardly bend my arms, this feeling was tremendous and made me want to train them more and more to get this feeling. Not all effects experienced during your cycle will be good ones, and we are going to talk about the many side effects which could occur now.

You can discuss sample steroid cycles in our forum with other bodybuilders. Beginners stacks We are now going to look at 2 sample steroid cycles designed for the ‘Newbie' in mind, please don't take these as the rule, they are merely suggestions and don't replace the advice from a medical practitioner. These cycles are not just for the newbie and more advanced bodybuilders are obtaining some great results with them.

Sample steroid cycles #1 Test is Best
The first cycle we are going to look at is the Testosterone only cycle. It is common knowledge that ‘test is best' and a Test only cycle is commonly used by beginners. Test is anabolic and androgenic and words well on its own to provide some pretty good gains in size and strength. The advantage of doing a test only cycle is that you can gauge how your body reacts to the steroid, when running a stack certain side effects etc would be difficult to pin on a particular product.

Weeks 1-8 Testosterone enthanate 500mg (per week in divided doses)
Week 10 Start PCT but I will explain this in the next chapter

The above sample steroid cycles has you running the cycle for 8 weeks in length using 500mg per week of Testosterone. Since the ampoules of test come in 250mg dividing the doses during the week is a good idea. For example inject 250mg every Monday and Thursday. You can expect some good gains from this cycle 10-15lbs would not be difficult to achieve. The effects from the test should start to be seen around the 3rd week, were you should notice an increase in recovery time and a better ‘pump' in the gym followed by weekly weight increases. When using Testosterone the user usually feels a sense of ‘manliness'.

#2 The bread and butter
The Test and Dianabol (Dbol) cycle is considered to be the bread and butter cycle and is the next favourite of the newbie and advanced steroid user alike. Adding this oral to the above cycle can produce massive results, its almost like Test and Dbol should be married. The Dbol leads to a quick increase in size and strength which should be noticed in the second week of use followed by the effects from the Test. The normal protocol for this type of stack is as follows:

Weeks 1-8 Testosterone enthanate 500mg (per week in divided doses)
Weeks 1-5 Dianabol 35mg (per day split into divided doses)
Week 10 Start PCT but I will explain this in the next chapter

Dianabol usually comes in 5mg or 10mg tablets so it is easy to split the dose evenly throughout the day usually 10mg at a time. I love this stack because I love Dianabol and the way it works with testosterone you would think they are married. A 20lb weight increase should be achievable with this sample steroid cycles.

If you would like to view more sample steroid cycles then you can log on to our forums and ask questions to experienced bodybuilders. Alternatively if you have a same steroid cycle you would like seen on the site then please you the contact forums and send them to us. MuscleZine forum